8-Ch Analog Input Module with Independent Input

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Číslo zboží: GA53105046 Produktové číslo: ADAM-5017P-AE Kategorie: Výrobce: Advantech
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• 8-ch Analog Input Module with Independent Input Range
• High Common Mode: 200 VDC
• Over Voltage Protection: ±60 VDC
• Built-in TVS/ESD Protection
• Isolation Voltage: 3,000 VDC
• Channels: 8 differential and independent configuration channels
• Accuracy: Voltage mode : ±0.1% or better, Current mode : ±0.2% or better
• CMR @ 50/60 Hz: 92 dB min.
• Input Impedance: Voltage: 20 M, Current: 120? (Build-in 120?. register for Current Input) for Curren
• lnput Type: mV, V (supports uni-polar and bipolar), mA
• Sampling Rate: 10 samples/sec

ADAM-5017P is a 16-bit, 8-channel analog input module that provides programmable independent input ranges on each channel. It accepts millivolt inputs (0~150mV, 0~500mV, ±150 mV and ±500 mV), voltage inputs (0~1V, 0~5V, 0~10V, 0~15V, ±1V, ±5V, ±10V and ±15V) and current input (±20 mA, 4~20 mA requires 120 ohms resistor). It also accepts high common mode up to 200 Vdc and has many protections built in, like over voltage, isolation voltage and TVS/ESD function. The module provides data to the host computer in engineering units (mV, V or mA). This module is an extremely cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications.
Hmotnost 0.13 kg
Rozměry (produktu / balení) 150 × 73 × 50 mm



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