IEEE802.3af PoE splitter, -40~75°C

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Číslo zboží: G6281555 Produktové číslo: SPL-24-T Kategorie: Výrobce: MOXA
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• PoE splitter with maximum output of 12.95W at 24 VDC
• IEEE 802.3af compliant; splits power and data from PoE equipment
• Supports output power up to 12.95 W at 24 VDC
• Short circuit protection for power output
• Auto disconnection if power input voltage is too high
• DIN-Rail mounting ability
• operating temperature: -40 to 75°C

With the technology of PoE, we can transfer both data and electrical power to Ethernet-enabled devices using a standard Ethernet CAT5 cable. SPL-24 plays the role of powered devices (PD) and splits power from PoEto Ethernet devices. In this case, both power and data can be transmitted up to 328 feet (100 m) from power source equipment (PSE).This product can operate from 0 to 60°C or -40 to 75°C for T model, and the rugged hardware design makes SPL-24 perfect for ensuring your PoE Ethernet equipment can meet demanding industrial applications.


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