Managed Hardened Modular Media Converter, DS1, Single-Strand 1550xmt, 20km, SC (also known as iMcV 850-18123)

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Číslo zboží: GAX0006539 Produktové číslo: IMC-721I-SSRKategorie: Výrobce: Advantech
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The IMC-721I series converts the 1.544Mbps T1/J1 and 2.048Mbps E1 traffic from conventional copper-based interfaces over regular fiber optics for long distance transmission up to 80km. The IMC-721I-T1MUX and IMC-721I-E1MUX are double wide media converter for IMC-71x chassis series that transport four independent T1 lines over a single of dual fiber optic line. They supports for a full bandwidth 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection over the same optical link. The fiber redundancy (1 plus 1) functionality on removable SFP modules offers the enhanced reliability of a protected fiber link while supporting the complete range of optical types and distances. They also feature an independent serial link (RS-232) which is useful for local monitoring and configuration of the unit by technical support personnel. The IMC-720 series are installed as a host-remote pair and can be remotely managed when the host is installed in an IMC-713/716/719 series with an SNMP management module. Since IMC-700 media converter series management technology functions transparently to the user data, real-time and end-to-end management is provided at all time.

DIP switch selectable protocols
Supports alarm indication signals (AIS)
Supports remote alarm indications (RAI) (IMC-721I)
Supports Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) (IMC-721T1.E1MUX)
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