Managed Modular 1-slot Media Converter Chassis, AC Power w/o power cord

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Číslo zboží: GAX0006505 Produktové číslo: IMC-711-AC Kategorie: Výrobce: Advantech
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The IMC-71x series provides conversion of Ethernet-to-fiber and a variety of networking technologies. It enables network operators to drastically reduce the capital and operational expenses by providing all copper-to-fiber and multi-mode to single-mode conversions and network distance extensions. This modular approach allows network operators to inexpensively change protocols by simply changing the module rather than the entire unit. With AC or DC power options, it is a economical way to overcome a variety of media and mode conversion challenges. The IMC-713/716/719 series has the highest port density in the industry — along with a robust design, hot-swappable architecture, SNMP management via iView2, and redundant power supplies for fault tolerance, which a diverse range of applications, using a variety of protocols, require. The temperature controlled fans in the IMC-713/716 chassis activate only when the chassis reaches a certain temperature, thereby extending the life of the fans. The fans on the IMC-719 series can be remotely controlled via SNMP.

High flexibility for module combinations for different environments
Supports a wide range of protocols and future-proof upgrade paths
Designed for a variety of media and mode conversion modules
Supports AC or DC power
Standard and extended temperature models available
Supports fan test feature
Hmotnost 0,91 kg



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