17″ SXGA Panel PC,Intel i7-4650U,4GB, iDoor,PCIe

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Číslo zboží: GAX0004863 Produktové číslo: TPC-1782H-473AE Kategorie: Výrobce: Advantech
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17″ SXGA TFT LED LCD with Intel(R) 4th Generation Core i7 Touch Panel Computer and iDoor technology.

The TPC-1782H touch panel computer with a 17″ SXGA LCD, low power embedded Intel 4th Generation Core i7 1.7GHz processor and 4GB DDR3L SDRAM provides the high computing performance in a compact fanless system. To enhance its durability, the TPC-1782H is designed with IP65 front protection, die-cast Al Alloy front bezel and 5-wire resistive touch. It also includes PCIe slot and Mini-pcie slots to extend the functionality and meet a variety of automation applications needs. Through the Mini-PCIe slot, Advantech iDoor technology can provide more I/O connectors, Isolated Digital IO, the Fieldbus Protocol, 3G/GPS/GPRS/WiFi Communication and MRAM. A 2nd monitor and speaker can be attached via the intergrated HDMI and Audio port. The pre-loaded SusiAccess is a smart, unique and ready-to-use remote device management software for you to centralize monitoring and managing of remote embedded devices in real-time. You can focus more on your own applications and let SusiAccess do the rest – configure systems, monitor device health, and recover from any system failures. It’s cloudbased and provides on-demand software services so you can easily download and upgrade applications when you need.

  • Industrial 17″ SXGA TFT LCD with 50K Lifetime LED Backlight
  • Intel 4th Generation Core i7 1.7GHz with 4GB DDR3L SDRAM
  • Compact Fanless Embedded System with Al Alloy Front Bezel
  • IP65 Approved Front Protection & Panel Mounting
  • More Durable 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen
  • PCIe x1 and Mini PCIe Expansion Support
  • Diverse system IO and Isolated Digital IO by iDoor Technology
  • Supports Fieldbus Protocol by iDoor Technology
  • 3G/GPS/GPRS/WiFi Communication by iDoor Technology
  • Supports MRAM by iDoor Technology
  • Chassis Grounding Protection
  • HDMI and Audio Multimedia Support
  • Support Advantech SUSIAccess Remote Device Management Software
Hmotnost 5,5 kg
Rozměry 569 × 276 × 525 mm


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Core i7


1280 x 1024

Stupeň krytí

Front IP65






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