19″ EIZO CuratOR EX190

1.3Mpx diagnostický monitor na operační sály

Pro zobrazení cen se prosím přihlaste.

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CuratOR EX190 – 19 palcový diagnostický monitor vhodný pro přesné zobrazování v sterilním prostředí
  • Pět výrobně nastavených zobrazovacích tabulek (LUT) pro optimální v různých prostředích
  • LUT tabulka umožňuje uživatelům nastavení podle vlastních preferencí
  • Barevný posuvník pro úpravu barev za běhu, bez ztráty tónů ve stupních šedi
  • Tóny šedi jsou při výrobě nastaveny tak, aby splňovaly standard DICOM 14 pro optimální zobrazení snímků DICOM
  • Široká podpora různých vstupů

Perfect Image Reproduction thanks to IPS LCD Technology

The LCD technology used eliminates picture geometry distortions and color spots. The monitor delivers flicker-free images, even at low refresh rates (60 Hz). In addition, IPS technology guarantees improved contrast values and significantly higher viewing angle stability. The result is a device that meets the highest ergonomic requirements.

Individualized Color Point Adjustment

The monitor’s default blue color location can be adjusted to individual requirements using a color slider. This enables color adjustment in the field such as when replacing a monitor. The adjustment can be performed via the On Screen Display (OSD) without external tools such as a luminance meter or calibration software.

Support of Complex Timing Requirements

Although the monitor automatically detects standard video signals, older medical devices frequently cause problems due to their unusualtiming. These special application requirements can be met using the Force Mode function.

Freely Adjustable User Lookup Table (LUT)

The adjustable LUT makes it possible for LUT recalculations to be initiated manually. Within this recalculation the gamma model, luminance settings, or color parameters can be modified. The LUT is calculated via OSD menu without having to access external calibration software. The reset LUT is calculated immediately, saved in the device, and used immediately for image display. This provides the user with the ability to establish the user LUT individually without using luminance meter.

Display of Different Signal Resolutions

The optimum screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 pixels. Video signals with other resolutions, common in medical technology, are automatically adapted to the screen size. Alternatively they can be displayed in original size (1:1).

Consistency thanks to DICOM Part 14 Factory Calibration

The monitor is precalibrated to meet the DICOM Part 14 standard, thereby ensuring permanently consistent image transmission. The five default look-up tables (LUTs) contain practice-based settings. They take into account the DIN 6868-157 room classes, thereby meeting current pecifications for diagnostic monitors.

Constant Luminance Regulation

An integrated brightness sensor, using EIZO fully automated brightness control, ensures fast luminance stabilization during system start and compensates for fluctuations that occur in the course of operation due to differing ambient temperatures.

Cascading multiple monitors

The integrated Loop-Through output (BNC video / SoG signal) enables connection with multiple other monitors or image archiving in the operating room.

Installation on a VESA Ceiling Suspension

Compliance with the VESA standard enables attachment to existing mounting accessories.

Versatile Positioning for Improved Ergonomics

EIZO’s highly versatile stand offers tilt, swivel and a wide height adjustment range enabling you to use the monitor with greater comfort.

Environmentally-Friendly LED Backlight

By utilizing an energy-efficient LED as a backlight, the monitor achieves a high-brightness and low power consumption at the same time. In contrast to conventional CCFL technology, LED backlighting offers a longer monitor lifespan, is free of hazardous materials, and is therefore compliant with current environmental regulations.

Customer Assurance with Medical Standards

The monitor meets the strictest medical, safety, and EMC emission standards.



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