Modbus RTU/TCP to Ethernet/IP Fieldbus Gateway

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Číslo zboží: GAX0003215 Produktové číslo: EKI-1242EIMS-A Kategorie: Výrobce: Advantech
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Modbus RTU/TCP to EtherNet/IP Protocol Gateway

The EKI-1242EIMS Industrial Protocol gateway not only provides seamless communication between Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet but also supports different protocol devices. Therefore, the Fieldbus gateway can integrate new and existing Modbus RTU/TCP devices to the EtherNet/IP network. Being able to collect data and exchange data between Modbus RTU/TCP to EtherNet/IP, EKI-1242EIMS is a simple and resource saving way to bring the advantages of fast data transmissions between different devices.

  • Supports dual power input for power redundancy
  • Seamless integrate Modbus RTU/TCP and EtherNet/IP communication
  • Modbus TCP Master mode supports 64 connections
  • Mounts on DIN-rail and Wall mount
  • Designed for protocol extensibility and adaption
  • Built-in real time diagnostic to increase high efficiency of device management

Hmotnost 0.8 kg
Rozměry 95 × 42 × 140 mm



Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP


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